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Video Library: Winter Driving

Icy Road Ahead
Safe Winter Driving Considerations
Snow Plow Operators
Why Skid: Modern Winter Driving Techniques
Winter Driving: When Rules Change

  • Icy Road Ahead
    #IC001 - VHS, #IC002 - VHS (25 min. 1993)

    Driving Safety
    Teaches the theory of driving safely and confidently on any slippery road. It will provide information that every driver should know prior to operating a vehicle
  • Safe Winter Driving Considerations
    #WI100 - DVD, #WI200 - DVD (18 min.)

    Winter Driving
    This information packed video zeroes in on safety tips and techniques for handling the hazards of winter driving. Topics include:
    • Maintenance check, Tire check, Winter preparedness equipment
    • 4-wheel drive Anti-lock braking systems
    • Scanning for Hazards
    • Following/Stopping distances
    • Sharing the road with snow removal equipment
    And many more!
  • Snowplow Safety: On The Road
    #SN002 - DVD (23 min. 2006)

    Winter Driving
    Many snowplow training videos focus on the mechanics of operating different kinds of plows-use of an auger, spreader rates, when to plow, etc. or on how to drive a truck, but few of them deal with collision issues…until the Snowplow Safety video was produced. Ideal for training newly hired snowplow operators or as a refresher for experienced operators. Topics covered: Equipment inspection, Positioning of the truck, Scanning, mirror use and defensive driving techniques.
  • Why Skid: Modern Winter Driving Techniques
    #WH003 - VHS (18 min. 1997)

    Driving Safety
    A demonstration of proper handling techniques on slippery roadways. Covers front, rear and 4-wheel drive vehicles and other good winter driving tips.
  • Winter Driving: When Rules Change
    #WI007 - VHS #WI008 - DVD (15 min. 2006)

    This attention grabbing video dramatically illustrates the importance of adjusting our driving techniques when winter rolls around. The video addresses:
    • Vehicle preparation for winter
    • Adjusting schedules for winter driving conditions
    • Maintaining good visibility
    • Winter driving techniques, including intersections, cornering, skid control, braking and slowing down
    • Winter survival supplies and techniques
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