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Video Library: Welding Safety

Hot Work Permits
Hot Work: Welding & Cutting Safety
Welding Safety
Welding - High Impact
Welding Safety—Securing the Work Zone

  • Hot Work Permits
    #HO007 - VHS (11 min. 1994)

    Know the facts about hot works permits. This video motivates and teaches about:
    • What is hot work and what is a hot work permit?
    • When should a hot work permit be used?
    • What are your responsibilities?
    • What do you do when the job changes?
    OSHA requires a hot work permit (written work approval) under welding and cutting fire protection and process safety management.
  • Hot Work: Welding & Cutting Safety
    #HW001 - DVD (14 min. 1998)

    This video focuses on working safely around welding and cutting operations
  • Welding Safety
    #WE001 - VHS (12 min. 1996)

    Helps comply with the OSHA standard, which regulates safe welding activities. Covers hazards and personal protective equipment, fire safety, hazardous atmospheres and other concerns, including electric arc and compressed gas cylinders.
  • Welding - High Impact
    #WE000 - DVD (19 min, added 2013)

    This powerful program uses six accident re-creations to remind viewers that welding and cutting operations are inherently dangerous and that workers who weld must follow all safety rules to protect themselves from serious injury or death. The video also illustrates positive welding and cutting safety points on a variety of topics, including gas welding, arc welding, fire prevention, handling/storage of gas cylinders, confined space work and personal protective equipment.
  • Welding Safety—Securing the Work Zone
    #WE020 - VHS (14 min. 1988)

    This videotape includes an introduction to welding and basic safety precautions. Covers oxyfuel gas welding, electric arc welding, preparation, securing the 360 degree zone, welding fumes and proper ventilation, proper clothing and gear, fire watch, and noise. Audience: industrial and construction.
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