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Video Library: Weather

Anatomy of Winter Storm
Planning for Disaster: Lightning
Planning For Disaster: Tornadoes
Severe Weather Alert: Are You Prepared?
Severe Weather Safety: Protect Yourself
Tornados: Be Prepared

  • Anatomy of Winter Storm
    #AN005 - VHS (15 min. 1991)

    Occupational, Off-the-Job
    Mn/DOT shows how to share the road with snow plows.

  • Planning For Disaster: Lightning
    #PL006 - DVD (6 min., added 2013)

    Lightning is a serious force of nature that is unpredictable and can be fatal. Help keep your employees safe and give them a brief look at:
    • What is lightning?
    • How and where it strikes
    • How to protect yourself
  • Planning For Disaster: Tornadoes
    #TO010 - VHS (10 min. 1995)

    A tornado can sweep through and destroy everything in its path in just minutes. This Special Report will help you and your employees prepare for and survive the devastation of a tornado.

  • Severe Weather Alert: Are You Prepared?
    #SV004 - DVD, #SV008 - DVD (15 min. 2003)

    Would you know what to do if a severe weather event occurred in your area? Severe weather can happen anywhere at any time. You must be prepared, because you often have to respond with little or no notice. This program offers some facts, tips and warnings that can help you survive serious weather emergencies. Topics include severe weather watches and warnings, hazards posed by thunderstorms, flooding and moving water, being prepared for tornadoes, emergency response plans and precautions to take once a storm has passed.
  • Severe Weather Safety: Protect Yourself
    #SV001 - VHS (30 min. 1999)

    Things you should know about severe weather and thunderstorm hazards to protect yourself, your community, your family, clients and staff.
    • Lighting
    • Tornado
    • Flash flood
    • Violent wind
  • Tornados: Be Prepared
    #TO000 - DVD (15 min., added 2013)

    Help employees become prepared for the uncontrollable power of tornadoes. This program helps employees understand the importance of taking lifesaving precautions and following proper procedures, including tornado alerts, safe versus unsafe locations, following your company's emergency plan, and safety in vehicles and at home.
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