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Video Library: Workplace Violence / Harrassment

Active Shooter: Helping Prevent Tragedy
Conflict Communications Skills
Violence On The Job
Workplace Harrassment in Industrial Facilities
Workplace Violence
Workplace Violence: Customer Service and Field Personnel
Workplace Violence: Recognizing and Defusing Aggressive Behavior

  • Active Shooter: Helping Prevent Tragedy
    #AC006 - DVD (8 min., added 2014)

    Active shooters can strike where we live, where we work, where we study, where we shop or any other environment. No business or institution is immune to the potential of an active shooter attack. The purpose of this informational training is not to alarm viewers, but to enlighten them regarding some of the elements of an active shooter scenario and what they should do to be prepared to deal with such an act.
  • Conflict Communications Skills
    #CO021 - DVD (14 min., added 2011)

    At some point in your work history, you will encounter some form of hostility. Whether it's an upset co-worker or a dissatisfied customer, your response can make the difference between a stressful or a pleasant work environment.
    • The nature of hostility and how it affects those in the workplace.
    • Basic conflict communication skills and how they can be used to defuse hostility.
    • How to deal with people who do not respond rationally
  • Violence On The Job
    #VI001 - DVD (27 min. 2004)

    This DVD discusses practical measures for identifying risk factors for violence at work and taking strategic action to keep employees safe. Includes a violence on the job case study, as well as additional recommendations for taxi and delivery drivers, and late-night retail establishments.
  • Workplace Harrassment in Industrial Facilities
    #WK001 - DVD (17 min. added 2015)

    When people hear the word "harassment" they usually think of sexually-related activity. But harassment encompasses a wide range of behavior... from practical jokes to intimidation. It can also include threats, verbal abuse and discrimination, even stalking and assault and anyone can be subject to it.
  • Workplace Violence
    #WO009 - VHS (25 min. 1994)

    In one year alone workplace homicides accounted for one out of five of all work-related deaths. This program will help supervisors and employees identify the warning signs of workplace violence and prevent it. Includes:
    • Impact and causes of workplace violence
    • Characteristics of a potentially violent employee
    • Establishing a violence prevention program
    • Warning signs, stress management, conflict resolution
    • Hiring and firing
    • Response
  • Workplace Violence: Customer Service and Field Personnel
    #WO007 - VHS (25 min. 1994)

    Trains employees in service-oriented organizations how to recognize the possibility of violent confrontations and protect themselves accordingly. The threat of workplace violence shatters the safety and productivity of businesses every day. Don't let it happen to your organization!
  • Workplace Violence: Recognizing and Defusing Aggressive Behavior
    #WO008 - VHS (26 min. 1994)

    Teaches supervisors and managers how to recognize, intervene and assist troubled employees and how to spot and divert aggressive behavior before it turns reckless. Also teaches techniques and tactics for dealing with imminent threats of violence.
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