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Video Library: Truck Driving Safety

Driving Straight Trucks
Ottawa Truck - Operator Orientation Video
Safely Sharing The Road With Big Trucks
Something for Jamie
Transport Trailer Safety
Truck Drivers and Cargo Security Training
Trucking - Accidents and Breakdowns

  • Driving Straight Trucks
    #DR007 (13 min.1992 )

    Driving Safety
    Remind drivers of their many responsibilities while reviewing many of the important aspects of driving straight trucks, including:
    • Driving in the city
    • Backing a straight truck
    • Suggested routes
    • Customer relations
  • Ottawa Truck - Operator Orientation Video
    #OT000 (15 min. 2003)

    Video describes and instructs on the use of Ottawa Trucks. The Ottawa Commando Series is used. The Commando is a vehicle used to move and store trailers of warehouses, factories and terminals.
  • Safely Sharing The Road With Big Trucks
    #SA018—DVD (11 min. 2006)

    Driving Safety
    According to published reports, the car driver is the cause of up to 75 percent of all truck-related auto fatalities, and 35 percent of these occur in a truck’s blind spots. For that reason, the Minnesota Trucking Association has created this instructional video on safely sharing the road with semi-trucks.
    • Paying attention to a truck’s blind spots.
    • Don’t linger when passing a large truck.
    • If you can’t see the driver in his/her mirror, they can’t see you.
    • Allow for plenty of room when merging around a large truck.
    • Don’t get distracted when driving.
  • Something for Jamie #SO002 - VHS (10 min. 1997)
    Driving Safety
    Four year old Jamie Lee Burke was killed on November 10, 1994 when a commercial truck driver under the influence of alcohol slammed into the back of the car in which she was riding. It was learned that the driver had already been cited for operating a commercial vehicle under the influence. But because of an administrative error, his license was not suspended and he continued to operate commercial vehicles until the accident which took Jamie’s life. This film shows every person at every level of commercial vehicle enforcement the critical importance of their job and the consequences that can result from seemingly insignificant mistakes.
  • Transport Trailer Safety
    #TR002 - VHS (24 min. 1995)

    Occupational, Driving Safety
    This video is designed to appeal to owners of all types of equip-ment transport trailers. Safe loading and attachment of tie-downs, chains and binders on a wide variety of equipment are discussed. Also includes tips for safe transport in varying traffic conditions, on all types of roads and in all types of weather. Interviews with professional equipment haulers help your employees learn from the real-life experiences of others.
  • Truck Drivers and Cargo Security Training
    #TR007 (25 min.. 2002)

    Driving Safety
    On February 14, 2002, an Advisory Notice from the Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA) was published in the Federal Register. This notice advises shippers and carriers of voluntary measures they can take to enhance the security of shipments during transportation. Many of the recommendations are covered in this fast-paced, attention-getting video. Help make sure all of your drivers are aware of the dangers they face ÐÐ and teach them how to avoid trouble, spot danger signs and know how to respond. Covers:
    • Personal safety and ca.go security
    • How to minimize danger and lost revenue due to cargo theft, vehicle theft and assault
    • Do’s and don’ts
  • Trucking - Accidents and Breakdowns
    #TR009 (12 min. 1994)

    Driving Safety
    Comply with required procedures for 49 CFR 392.22, 392.40, and 392.41. Covers 7-step accident response: Federal regulations on trucking accidents, post-accident actions minimize hazards, documenting and reporting accidents, what not to do in case of an accident, proper response for breakdowns.
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