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Video Library: Tool Safety

Chain Saw Safety
Chain Saw Safety, 1985
Chain Saw Safety, 1995
Chain Saw Safety-Idea, 1991
Hand and Power Tool Safety (13 min. 2001)
Hand and Power Tool Safety (13 min. 1996)
Hand & Power Tool Safety for Auto Mechanics
Hand Tool and Portable Power Tools
Large Power Hand Tool Safety
Pneumatic Tool Safety
Power Saw Safety
Rules for Tool Safety
Working Safely with Hand and Power Tools

  • Chain Saw Safety
    #CH004 - DVD (13 min. added 2015)

    Public works and other occupations often use chain saws in tree trimming, landscaping maintenance, brush control, and home use. There are many risks involved requiring proper instructions on safe procedures.
  • Chain Saw Safety
    #CH002 - VHS (105 min. 1985)

    Occupational, Off-the-Job
    This two-part video, presented in a classroom setting, covers (1) safe saw operation and safety equipment and (2) chainsaw and felling techniques. Health aspects such as vibration and safety features to look for when purchasing a chain saw are also discussed.
  • Chain Saw Safety
    #CH018 - VHS (13 min. 1995)

    Occupational, Off-the-Job
    Chain saws can be extremely dangerous if safety is forgotten even for a moment. Increase awareness and reduce unsafe acts. Includes:
    • Injuries resulting from improper use
    • Tips for starting and refueling
    • Proper clothing
    • Safe undercuts
    • Felling and bucking
  • Chain Saw Safety-Idea
    #CH001 - VHS (15 min. 1991)

    Occupational, Off-the-Job
    This video shows how to safeguard against disabling injuries, combining interviews with industry professionals with how-to demonstrations.
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety
    #HA027 - VHS, English, #HA028 - VHS, Spanish (13 min. 2001)

    • How to properly inspect tools
    • Safety behavior and potential hazards with hand and power tools
  • Hand and Powertool Safety
    #HA014 - VHS (13 min. 1996)

    A good safety attitude is the key to injury-free use of hand and power tools. Encourage your employees to practice proper techniques. Covers:
    • Inspecting tools before beginning work
    • Proper use of wrenches
    • Safety hazards of power drills and hand saws
    • Preventing shock from electric tools
  • Hand & Power Tool Safety for Auto Mechanics
    #HA110 - VHS (18 min. 1994)

    Encourage personal responsibility for safety and professional tool use. Includes PPE.
    • Electrical safety: double insulation, grounding, damaged cords, water safety
    • Drills, bench grinders, cheater bar prohibition
    • Torquing: calibration, torquing lug nuts
  • Hand Tool and Portable Power Tools
    #HA006 - VHS (15 min. 1991)

    This module teaches you to work with coworkers to control or eliminate hazards associated with hand tools and portable power tools. You will learn safe procedures and the causes of the most frequent accidents (incidents). Objectives when you complete this module:
    • Describe safe work practices for hand and portable power
    • List hazards and safety procedures for various hand tools and
    • Describe supervisory considerations in managing tools Occupational
  • Large Power Hand Tool Safety
    #LA003 - VHS (10 min. 1995)

    Occupational, Off-the-Job
    The objective of this program is to teach the viewer about safely operating the four most often used large power hand tools: impact wrench, large power drill, portable band saw and the roto hammer.
  • Pneumatic Tool Safety
    #PN001 - DVD (7 min. added 2012)

    Train employees on the hazards associated in working with pneumatic tools. This excellent video provides comprehensive coverage of safe work practices.
    • Definition and examples
    • Appropriate PPE
    • Tool and cord inspection
    • Use and clean-up
  • Power Saw Safety
    #PO002 - DVD (8 min. 1999)

    This video will show viewers how to operate power saws safely while stressing the importance of the individual accepting responsibility for his or her personal well-being. Topics include PPE, saw inspection, use of guards, preventing kickbacks, electrical safety and good housekeeping.
  • Rules for Tool Safety
    #RU001 - VHS (12 min. 1991)

    This video is designed to remind employees of the risks involved in using various types of tools on the job. Because employees use tools repeatedly in their routine, there is a danger of them forgetting to use proper safety procedures. Covers: Choosing the right tool, inspection, correct usage, PPE, work area, carrying & storage of tools.
  • Working Safely with Hand and Power Tools
    #WK006 - DVD (17 min. 2004)

    Hand and power tools have become so common in the daily performance of our jobs that we often become complacent about their dangers. Use this video to emphasize the importance of having a good safety attitude and exercising good judgment while using hand and power tools. Topics include: safe use of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and striking tools; using drills and power saws safely; guarding and grounding of power tools; and unique hazards of batteryoperated tools.
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