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Video Library: Substance Abuse

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
Impaired and Distracted Driving
It's Your Call: Recognizing and Reporting Impaired Drivers Live and Let Live
Something for Jamie

  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
    #DO004 - VHS (20 min., 1995)

    Driving Safety
    Even though the percentage of commercial drivers who use drugs is low, it only takes one driver to cause a major disaster. That's why the DOT now mandates drug testing. This program explains the drug testing system to supervisors and employees and will help alleviate their fears.
    • Random drug testing
    • Pre-employment, post accident, return-to-duty and follow-up testing
    • What to expect during a test
    • Security and false positives
    • Retesting specimens
  • Impaired and Distracted Driving
    #IM001 - VHS (60 min. 2002)

    Victims and offenders talk about the impact their accidents had on their lives. Good for group discussion meetings.
  • It's Your Call: Recognizing and Reporting Impaired Drivers
    #IT006 - VHS, #IT010 - VHS (8 min. 1999)

    Driving Safety
    This short video discusses how to recognize impaired drivers. Shows what signs to look for and how to report them to the proper authorities.
  • Live and Let Live
    #LI002 - VHS (15 min. 1990)

    Driving Safety
    This award-winning presentation is a tale of coworkers celebrating a recent success in a bar. Leaving the bar in an inebriated state, they die in a collision. Throughout, the narrator explains the effects of drugs and alcohol. The touching conclusion of the film depicts the effects of their deaths on their families and friends.
  • Something for Jamie #SO002 - VHS (10 min. 1997)
    Driving Safety
    Four year old Jamie Lee Burke was killed on November 10, 1994 when a commercial truck driver under the influence of alcohol slammed into the back of the car in which she was riding. It was learned that the driver had already been cited for operating a commercial vehicle under the influence. But because of an administrative error, his license was not suspended and he continued to operate commercial vehicles until the accident which took Jamie’s life. This film shows every person at every level of commercial vehicle enforcement the critical importance of their job and the consequences that can result from seemingly insignificant mistakes.
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