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Video Library: Stress Management

Stress in the Workplace
Working with Stress

  • Stress in the Workplace
    #WO011 - VHS (12 min. 1994)

    Stress is a hazard that no one can avoid! Teach your employees to understand and manage it effectively.
    • Symptoms and long term effects of stress
    • Eliminating causes, avoiding stress overload
    • Managing: relaxation, stretching, exercise
    • Power of good attitude and positive lifestyle
  • Working with Stress
    #WO013 - DVD (17 min. 2002)

    This program, designed for employers, human resource managers and safety and health professionals, summarizes current information about the causes, symptoms, and prevalence of work-related stress. Also described are workplace factors that can create or contribute to worker stress. Case studies are used to illustrate strategies that have been used by small and large employers to reduce stress in the workplace.
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