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Video Library: Scaffolds

Scaffolds: Safety at All Levels
Supported Scaffolding Safety
Supported Scaffolding Safety in Construction Environments
Suspended Scaffolding Safety

  • Scaffolds: Safety at All Levels
    #SC004 - DVD (16 min, added 2013)

    Every year, 4,500 injuries and 50 deaths are caused by scaffolding mishaps. Be sure your workers are familiar with the OSHA requirements and that they know how to stay safe with this essential program.
    • The role of the competent person
    • Pre-assembly inspection
    • Assembly
    • Pre-shift inspection
    • Safe work practices
    • Fall protection
  • Supported Scaffolding Safety
    #SC010 - DVD (23 min. 2001)

    Even though ladders can be used to reach work that is high off the ground, only scaffolds offer large enough work areas to hold workers, supplies and equipment. While scaffolds make our jobs easier, we must know how to use them correctly to prevent serious accidents. In fact, an estimated 10,000 scaffold-related accidents occur each year. Employees who use scaffolding can prevent these accidents by using their required training and following safe work practices. This video focuses on supported scaffolds and the safety and training regulations developed by OSHA for working with them. Topics include designated access areas, protection against falling objects, use of fall protection, scaffold construction procedures, installing scaffold platforms and overhead scaffold hazards.
  • Supported Scaffolding Safety in Construction Environments
    #SC011 – DVD (17 min, added 2015)

    For many people, getting to their jobs means driving a car or hopping on a bus or train. But for construction workers, getting to their jobs involves climbing onto a scaffold to work on a building or other structure. This video training program gives employees the information they need to refresh their understanding of the dangers of working with scaffolds, and how these risks can be minimized by knowing the ways to correctly erect, maintain and use scaffolding equipment.
    Topics covered in these products include: Responsibilities of a "scaffold expert", Creating a level and firm foundation, OSHAs maximum intended load, Scaffolding assembly, Platform hazards, The danger of power lines, and more!
  • Suspended Scaffolding Safety
    #SU004 - VHS (20 min. 2002)

    Suspended scaffolds are unique tools that allow us to work in high, hard-to-reach areas. Safety is a crucial issue when working above ground, as an estimated 10,000 scaffold-related injuries occur each year. To address this issue, OSHA has developed regulations specifically for workers who erect and work on scaffolds. These regulations require employers to train workers on the rules and regulations for suspended scaffolds before they use them. This video focuses on suspended scaffolds and the safety and training regulations developed by OSHA for working with them. Topics include: preparation for erecting scaffolds, installing ropes and suspension devices, preparing hoists for operation, selection and use of scaffold platforms, inspection of scaffolding equipment, working near electricity, preventing falls and protection against falling objects.
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