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How to Conduct a Safety Meeting: A Part of Your Job
Making Safety Meetings Work
Safety Leadership for Everyone

  • Batteries Not Included
    #BT002 - DVD (21 min. 2002)

    For more than 15 years, Michael S. Melnik MS, OTR, has consulted with some of the largest companies in the U.S. He's learned that programs thrive in environments that are energized by employees who are motivated, receptive and involved. Companies that focus on the 10 essential energy sources (commitment, consistency, communication, accountability, inclusion, respect, recognition, flexibility, creativity and fun) create environments that are really ready for action. Using real-life examples, stunning visuals and an easy humorous style, Michael will introduce you to "The Energized Approach" that will maximize the return on investment for your company's programs.
  • How to Conduct a Safety Meeting: A Part of Your Job
    #HO008 - VHS (15 min. 1990)

    This highly-acclaimed and creative program is designed to provide line supervisors, section managers and other supervisory personnel with essential points for planning and conducting a safety meeting. The first part of the program covers such issues as setting an agenda, scheduling considerations, setting up the meeting space and notification of the participants. The second section covers procedures for conducting and controlling the flow of the meeting, tips for encouraging group participation, and follow-up after the meeting.
  • Making Safety Meetings Work
    #MA007 - VHS (17 min. 1991)

    This lesson explains how to organize and conduct safety meetings that accomplish more than just employee training. It demonstrates how to make training effective and focuses on other necessary agenda items that turn safety meetings into powerful management tools.
  • Safety Leadership for Everyone
    #SA100 - DVD (23 min. 2005)

    Often the only difference between a world-class safety operation and a program struggling to move beyond regulatory compliance is the courage and willingness to put safety leadership into action. In this video, safety professional Tom Harvey discusses the traits that make a good safety leader. Several true-to-life situations in the workplace are used to illustrate his points. Stressed in the program is the fact that all of us can be safety leaders no matter what job or title we hold. Topics include connecting safety messages with actions, setting examples, why safety prizes often don't work, recognizing safe actions of co-workers and employee-powered safety
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