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Video Library: Material Handling / Conveyer Safety

Conveyor Safety in the Workplace
Manual Load Handling in the Warehouse
Materials Handling and Storage
Overhead Crane Safety

  • Conveyor Safety in the Workplace
    #CO000 - DVD (20 min. added 2015)

    This video discusses the various hazards posed by conveyor systems and the safe work practices that employees must follow to prevent injuries related to these hazards. Also featured are testimonials from workers who have suffered conveyor-related injuries due to complacency, taking shortcuts and failure to perform lockout/tagout procedures.
  • Manual Load Handling in the Warehouse
    #MA010 - VHS (12 min. 1990)

    This program presents the do's and don'ts of warehouse activities and shows workers how to handle products safely and efficiently. Proper lifting procedures are demonstrated, as well as how to carefully inspect a load prior to lifting. Provides safety rules for using special tools in the warehouse including two-wheeled handtrucks, manual pallet trucks, stockpiling ladders and box cutters. Common sense safety rules are also presented.
  • Materials Handling and Storage
    #MA006 - VHS (15 min. 1991)

    The materials handling and storage module makes you aware of the dangers and costs of materials handling accidents (incidents). You will learn to recognize the hazards associated with unsafe storage of materials and learn techniques to control these hazards and prevent future accident (incidents). Objectives when you complete this module:
    • Identify the major causes of materials handling injuries
    • Identify the safety guidelines, hazards, and special considerations associated with various types of materials handling equipment
    • List ways to minimize hazards of material storage
  • Overhead Crane Safety
    #OV015 - VHS (18 min. 1989)

    Overhead Crane Safety will train workers to use safety procedures when operating or working around cranes in your facility. Covers gantry and E.O. T. pre-operations inspection, basic operating techniques, pre-lift considerations, safe lifting, load movement, slings, hooks and magnets.
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