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Ladder Safety
Ladder Safety: A Practical Approach
Ladder Safety Training
Stairway and Ladders
Stairway and Ladders: The First Step
Stairway and Ladder Safety In The Construction Industry

  • Ladder Safety
    #LA005 - VHS (5 min. 1994)

    • Seriousness of ladder injuries
    • Importance of proper equipment
    • Checking for defects on ladders
    • Safe ladder use
    • Matching the ladder type to the situation
    • "Belt buckle" guideline
  • Ladder Safety: A Practical Approach
    #LA007 - DVD (20 min. 2006)

    While ladder manufacturers strive to produce the safest ladders possible, a well-made ladder is not enough. Our safety while climbing or working on a ladder depends on following safe work practices: choose the correct ladder for the job; inspect the ladder before use; set up the ladder properly; and, use the ladder in a safe and proper manner. This new program discusses the basic precautions that will keep employees safe when using ladders. Viewers will also see the consequences of failing to follow these safe work practices.
  • Ladder Safety Training
    #LA001 - VHS (22 min. 1992)

    This video discusses proper and helpful hints in using ladders. Also covers types of ladders, load ratings, height and length, and safe ways to secure ladders.
  • Stairway and Ladders
    #ST001 - VHS (18 min. 1991)

    This program highlights the most commonly used ladders in industry: step, extension, trestle and fixed, as well as a variety of stairways. Also covers how to choose the correct ladder, proper set-up, inspection and maintenance, and safe work practices.
  • Stairway and Ladders: The First Step
    #ST008 - DVD (22min., 2007)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
    Before your employees step on that stairway or ladder, they must review the crucial safety precautions in this program. They must understand why these stairway and ladder accidents occur and what they can do to prevent them: Identifying stairway hazards, Preventing stairway hazards, Ladder selection, Climbing fixed ladders, Proper ladder use,
    Real-Life Situations
  • Stairway and Ladder Safety In The Construction Industry
    #SU005 - DVD (17 min. added 2012)

    Focuses on construction industry ladder and stairway safety issues.
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