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Video Library: Safety Inspections

Jobsite Safety Inspections: Controlling the Field
OSHA Inspection: Overcoming the Fear
Safety Audits - Safety Inspections

  • Jobsite Safety Inspections: Controlling the Field
    #JO000 - DVD (18 min. purchased 2011)

    This video gives guidance to construction contractors and supervisors on how to effectively conduct jobsite safety inspections.
  • OSHA Inspection: Overcoming the Fear
    #OS001 - VHS (24 min. 1994)
    Learn what you can expect when an OSHA inspector visits your facility. This video program discusses how you can best prepare for an inspection.
    • What to look for
    • Your rights as the employer
    • Frequently cited violations
  • Safety Audits - Safety Inspections
    #SA009 - DVD (16 min. purchased 2012)

    A single workplace accident can be devastating. Someone can be injured... or even killed. Property, equipment or materials can be damaged or destroyed. And work could come to a complete stand-still. All of these things can happen if efforts are not made to protect employees. One way to accomplish this is to conduct a safety audit. This is an examination of the work area to make sure it is as safe as possible and all potential hazards are corrected or removed. This DVD reminds employees about the goals of a safety audit, and how all workers should become involved.
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