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Video Library: Housekeeping

Housekeeping: It Ain't Like the Movies
Housekeeping and Teamwork Industry

  • Housekeeping: It Ain't Like the Movies
    #HO003 - VHS (15 min. 1995)

    This video program reviews the importance of good housekeeping and what to look for in your facility.
    • Clean or clutter?
    • Proper storage
    • Eliminating spills and leaks
  • Housekeeping and Teamwork Industry
    #HO004 - VHS, #HO009 - DVD (18 min. 1999)

    This fast-moving video makes the point that good housekeeping is not just a job responsibility-it's a reflection of the pride we take in our work!
    • Fire prevention
    • Personal hygiene
    • Storage of tools and work materials
    • Handling leaks and spills
    • Employee attitudes toward housekeeping
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