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Video Library: Heat Stress

Beat the Heat: Preventing and Treating Heat Disorders
Heat Stress, (10 min. 1997)
Heat Stress, (12 min. 1995)
Heat Stress, (14 min. 1992)
Heat Stress, (7 min. 1990)
Heat Stress: Code Red
Heat Stress in Construction
Working Safely in Hot Environments

  • Beat the Heat: Preventing and Treating Heat Disorders
    #BE002 - VHS (17 min. 1995)

    Although heat stress sounds like a minor inconvenience, for those workers who must perform their jobs in the heat, the reality is it can cause bodily illness or injury, worksite accidents, and even death.
    • Thermo-regulation of the body
    • Importance of replenishing fluids
    • Prevention and treatment
  • Heat Stress
    #HE010 - VHS (10 min. 1997)

    More than 300 people die each year from excessive heat exposure. Many more suffer the effects of heat stress. This program is excellent for training workers in all industries.
    • Effects of heat exposure
    • Types of heat-related disorders
    • Recognition of symptoms
    • Treatment and preventive measures
  • Heat Stress
    #HE012 - DVD (12 min. 1995)

    Being uncomfortable is not the only problem with working in high temperatures and humidity, as workers can experience a number of serious illnesses as a result of heat exposure. By using common sense and taking proper precautions, employees can go a long way in reducing harmful effects of heat stress. This video will show employees how heat and humidity affect the human body, what the different types of heat stress are, how to respond to a heat-related illness and what they can do to prevent heat stress.
  • Heat Stress
    #HE007 - VHS (14 min. 1992)

    Heat causes considerable stress on your mind and body, and can seriously affect your health and safety. This video addresses the primary danger of heat stress, which is that the effects of heat occur before you realize it, causing a wide range of health problems, from minor discomfort to life-threatening complications. The video shows employees what heat stress is, what the symptoms are, how to prevent it and what to do if it happens to them or someone else.
  • Heat Stress
    #HE005 - VHS (16 min. 1990)

    Rashes, cramps, exhaustion and stroke all can plague an employee working in hot weather or hot environments. Focuses on preventing illnesses and minimizing safety hazards. Includes hazards of hot environment, heat disorders, preventive measures and first aid. Complies with NIOSH and OSHA recommendations. Compares body to car engine.
  • Heat Stress: Code Red
    #HE004 - DVD (14 min, 2008)

    Heat stress, heat stroke, heat rashes, heat cramps – all are dangerous to your employees. This training DVD will give them the knowledge they need to avoid the dangers of working in hot, humid conditions.
    • Acclimatization
    • Hydration
    • Proper clothing
    • Signs of heat fatigue
  • Heat Stress in Construction
    #HE013 - DVD (12min., added 2013)

    This training program reminds employees that heat-related illnesses can occur in many situations, reviews what can be done to address these situations and discusses fundamental information on heat stress and other heat-related illnesses. Topics covered in include:
    • Situations that can cause heat-related illnesses.
    • Heat stress and the body's cooling system.
    • Other heat-related illnesses.
    • Preparing to work in hot environments.
    • Engineering controls.
    • Treating heat-related illnesses.
  • Working Safely in Hot Environments
    #WK002 - VHS #WK004 - DVD (15 min. 2005)

    This program shows viewers how to prevent and respond to various heat-related problems by using prevention techniques; how to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stress; and, what first aid procedures to administer when assisting victims of specific heat-related illnesses. Featured are several heat-related illness scenarios that illustrate the importance of staying alert, using good judgment and knowing the warning signs of heat stress when working in hot environments.
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