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Video Library: Hearing Conservation / Protection

Hearing Conservation
Hearing Conservation and Safety
Hearing Conservation: Are You Listening, Jim?
Hearing Protection: It Makes Sense
Listen Up (Preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss)
Maxman-Defender of Hearing

  • Hearing Conservation
    #HE006 - VHS (15 min. 1993)

    Takes a refreshing approach to hearing conservation by presenting serious information in an entertaining style. Helps you to comply with OSHA's Occupational Noise Exposure Standard 29 CFR 1910.95. This program covers:
    • Hearing mechanics
    • Hearing loss
    • Audiometric testing
    • Use and maintenance of hearing protectors
    • Symptoms of hearing loss
  • Hearing Conservation and Safety
    #HE100 - DVD (17 min. 2000)

    Over 15 million Americans suffer from unnecessary hearing loss. Comply with 1910.95 with this comprehensive program.
    • How ears "work"—types of damage/loss
    • Causes and effects of hearing damage
    • Noise avoidance and safety practices
  • Hearing Conservation: Are You Listening, Jim?
    #HE000 - DVD (14 min. added 2012)

    This program presents the story of one worker's struggle with his own "inner voices" that encourage him to take better care of his hearing. Your workers will understand that it is not just the noise at work that can cause hearing loss, but excessive sound levels off the job as well. The overall message is simple, hearing loss is permanent but preventable and everyone needs to take care of their hearing any time they are exposed to high levels of noise. Using high end graphic production techniques, creative dialog and compelling visuals, your employees will start "hearing voices" that encourage smart hearing protection choices.
  • Hearing Protection: It Makes Sense
    #HE003 - DVD (22min., added 2013)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
    You won't know that you're losing the ability to hear until you already have. It is a silent and gradual process, caused by consistent and prolonged exposure to abnormal noise levels.
    • The human ear
    • Preventing hearing loss
    • Audiometric testing
    • Engineering and administrative controls
    • PPE
  • Listen Up (Preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss)
    #LU001 - VHS (16 min. 1995)

    This program is excellent for new hire orientation or existing employee refresher training on noise-induced hearing loss and hearing conservation. The film describes the effect of noise on hearing and provides information concerning the different types of personal hearing protection and their proper use.
  • Maxman-Defender of Hearing
    #MX002 - VHS (8 min. 1998)

    Hearing protection
    This animated video emphasizes the use of hearing protection to prevent hearing loss. How the ear works and how hearing loss occurs are illustrated. Examples of noise sources on and off the job are provided.
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