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Video Library: Groundskeeping

Groundskeeping: Be a Pro!
Groundskeeping Safety: Dealings With Bugs and Critters

  • Groundskeeping: Be a Pro!
    #GR002 - VHS (17 min. 1997)

    This video is based on a theme of safe or sorry. This program was written and produced for outdoor facilities maintenance folks and groundskeepers. The target audience is large industrial facilities, university, government facilities, hospitals and school districts. The program stresses taking good care of yourself, knowing your equipment, use of GFCIs, safe fueling, mowing on slopes and hazards of pesticides. Topics covered include:
    • PPE
    • General tips
    • Equipment
    • Hazardous materials
  • Groundskeeping Safety: Dealings With Bugs and Critters
    #GR003 - DVD (16 min., 2003)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish
    Insects may be small critters, but they can cause serious and even fatal consequences. This program, designed especially for public works, utility, government employees, grounds maintenance personnel or other outdoor workers, is essential for insect protection and general safety in a work environment.
    • Preventing risks such as West Nile Virus
    • Basic PPE
    • Snakes, wasps, bees, fire ants
    • First aid
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