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Video Library: Forklift Safety

Basic Forklift Principles
Battery Charging Safety
Forklift Basics: Safety from the Start
Forklift Operation
Forklift Operations - Gory Story
Forklift Operator Training
Forklift Operator Training
Forklift Safety: High Impact
Forklift Safety: Inspection
Forklift Safety: Operation
Industrial Low-Lift Trucks
Operating Forklifts Safely
Operating Reach Trucks Safely
Safe Operation of Scissor & Boom Lifts
Skid Steer
Walkie Stacker
Working Around Forklifts

  • Basic Forklift Principles
    #BA012 - VHS, English #FO011 - VHS, Spanish (14 min. 1991)

    Using a forklift can be dangerous to operators, those around them and valuable cargo. This in-depth video program helps employees drive forklifts safely and work safely around them.
    • Why training is necessary
    • Types of forklifts and their uses
    • The lifting principle
  • Battery Charging Safety
    #BA017 - VHS (10 min. 1994)

    Charging batteries is a potential hazard for many forklift, stacker and pallet jack users. Learn more about:
    • Use of personal protective equipment
    • Battery fluids hazards and exposure procedures
    • Avoiding electrical hazards
    • Moving batteries
    • Safe charging, maintenance and storage
  • Forklift Basics: Safety from the Start
    #FO008 - DVD (22 min., added 2013)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
    Provides details on the powered industrial truck, from the way it's constructed to the way it works. It will help your operators understand the factors that affect forklift balance and maneuverability.
    • Powered industrial trucks
    • Forklift operator safety
    • Design and controls
    • Pre-use inspection
    • Operator's manual
  • Forklift Operation
    #FO006 - VHS (19 min. 1998)

    This program shows forklift operators what to do and what not to do to assure their own safety and the safety of those around them. Includes information on prechecks, stepping and driving in reverse, stacking and carrying loads, driving on grades and ramps, and handling emergency situations.
  • Forklift Operations - Gory Story
    #FO003 - DVD (10 min. added 2012)

    We all know that forklift operators work and act safely on a daily basis. We are thankful for that because forklift accidents can be extremely gruesome, but first, let's review some of the forklift operator safety rules. These are case files from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH. Topics included in this safety video are: the basics, forklift equipment, turn overs, order selector death, building materials forklift, and an overview.
  • Forklift Operator Training
    #FO018 - VHS, English, #FO019 - VHS, Spanish (16 min. 2001)

    • Basic explanation of safe operations per OSHA requirements
    • Thorough explanation of weight capacity and unsafe operations
  • Forklift Operator Training
    #FO020 - DVD (17 min.)

    Forklift Safety
    Accidents can be prevented when operators know, understand & follow all safe work procedures:
    • How to safely steer, maneuver, drive & refuel forklifts
    • Lifting, moving, and unstacking loads
    • Types and classes of forklifts
    • Pre-operational checklist
  • Forklift Safety: High Impact
    #FO002 - DVD (22 min. 2004)

    This program contains graphic re-creations and mishaps. Operators who view this program will never forget the valuable safety lessons it contains! Forklifts are so diverse and powerful that they allow us to carry practically anything and place it almost anywhere. Along with that ability, we as operators also carry a large amount of responsibility. We must be responsible not only for the proper operation of our truck and delivery of our load, but also for our safety while driving and the safety of anyone in our path. This powerful video shows how unsafe forklift operation leads to injuries, deaths and property damage.
  • Forklift Safety: Inspection
    #FO015 - VHS (18 min. 1996)

    This live-action video program informs employees of the proper procedures to follow when checking the basic operational systems of a forklift. The program clearly demonstrates how to inspect the five major areas of the forklift: (1) engine compartment, (2) wheels and rims, (3) fork, upright and attachments, (4) operator controls, and (5) fuel system.
  • Forklift Safety: Operation
    #FO014 - VHS (20 min. 1996)

    This award-winning program utilizes dramatic crash sequences to illustrate proper and improper operation of the forklift, how to carry a load properly, and the safe driving skills necessary when operating a forklift.
  • Industrial Low-Lift Trucks
    #IN003 - VHS & #IN002 - VHS (18 min. 1995)

    This program alerts employees to the dangers of operating manual and powered industrial trucks. It shows how these trucks can be used safely to reduce injuries and increase productivity.
    • Pallet jacks, carts, dollies, skid movers
    • Platform trucks and rack trucks
    • Powered walking trucks, drum handlers
    • General safety principles
    • Specific safety practices
  • Operating Forklifts Safely
    #OP000 - DVD (20 min. 2004)

    This new video gives viewers a solid overview of forklift characteristics and safe forklift operation. It's a fast paced program featuring several dramatic re-enactments of typical forklift mishaps. The Larry character is also featured, and you can only imagine some of the mistakes he makes - mistakes that viewers can learn from. The program covers the following material:
    • Forklift handling, stability and load limits
    • Understanding your forklift, forklift inspection, refueling & recharging
    • Picking up and placing loads, including elevated loads
    • General safe driving guidelines, operating around pedestrians and other forklifts
  • Operating Reach Trucks Safely
    #OP004 - DVD (18 min. 2006)

    This piece of equipment features an articulated carriage that can reach, tilt, and shift from side to side, resulting in more opportunity for injury. This program will educate your employees on every-day safety procedures and demonstrates how to perform daily activities accident free.
    • Safe operation
    • Proper inspection procedures
    • Safe load placement and positioning
    • Evaluating operator skill level
    • Traveling and parking
  • Safe Operation of Scissor & Boom Lifts
    #SA005 - VHS #SA050 - DVD (19 min. 2006)

    Elevated work platforms such as scissor and boom lifts allow us to safely perform various tasks and maintenance operations at heights that otherwise may be unreachable. While there are many different styles of lifts designed for various applications and site conditions, they all have one thing in common: the potential for serious injury or death when operated in a careless manner. Electrocution, falls, crushed body parts and tip-overs are just a few examples of incidents that often result from unsafe operation. This video discusses the procedures lift operators must follow to prevent these types of incidents. Topics include factors that affect stability, pre-operational inspection, protecting against falls from platforms and safe driving procedures.
  • Skid Steer
    #ST003 - VHS (6 min. 1999)

    Refresher for skid steer operators. Visual inspections, maintenance and proper procedures are demonstrated.
  • Walkie Stacker
    #WA004 - VHS (8 min. 1995)

    The walkie stacker has specific safety rules and procedures. Explains all controls for the equipment as well as general safe operating procedures.
  • Working Around Forklifts
    #WO010 - VHS (16 min. 1995)

    This video program helps motivate employees to take this lesson to heart and explains how and why special precautions are necessary.
    • Inherent hazards in forklifts
    • Special things to watch for when turning
    • Mechanics
    • Visibility
    • Warning devices
    • Parking
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