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Video Library: Ergonomics

Back Safety: Ergonomic Connection
Ergonomic Employee Training
Ergonomic Programs That Work
Ergonomics: Break the RMI Habit
Ergonomics Safety
Ergonomics: Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands
Ergonomics: Your Body at Work
Ergonomics for the Mobile Worker
Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety
Industrial Ergonomics
Making It Fit: Improving Our Office Comfort
Working Ergonomically in the Workplace

  • Back Safety: Ergonomic Connection
    #BA005 - VHS (13 min. 1992)

    After a brief discussion on the anatomy of the back and how it works, this video demonstrates and explains the importance of proper lifting techniques. Maintaining fitness and ergonomic considerations are emphasized.
  • Ergonomic Employee Training
    #ER100 - DVD (15 min. 2001)

    This program details the three key areas of preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD's): knowledge of signs and symptoms, proper reporting and various methods used to control hazards. The video explains the difference between signs and symptoms and a true MSD incident. Explains the difference between a risk factor and a hazard. Covers: Common types of MSD's, importance of reporting, job hazard analysis, improper lifting, work practice controls.
  • Ergonomic Programs That Work
    #ER006 - VHS (21 min. 1998)

    The video was taped at four companies' sites, and it discusses various aspects of an ergonomics program. This video also gives valuable information and tips from two experienced CSHOs on evaluating ergonomic programs.
  • Ergonomics: Break the RMI Habit
    #ER005 - VHS (12 min. 1997)

    This program incorporates ergonomic procedures to help your employees work safer and smarter. This program, which is based upon the only approved ergonomics standard in the country, is ideal for use in all U.S. workplaces.
    • Introduction to RMIs
    • How to reduce repetitions
    • Good posture
    • Reverse stretching
  • Ergonomics Safety
    #ER002 - VHS (5 min. 1992)

    A refresher training video, which gives an overview by adapting the worker to the job to prevent workplace injuries.
  • Ergonomics: Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands
    #ER003 - VHS (14 min. 1995)

    Using your arms, wrists and hands doesn't always have to be a struggle for comfort. That's what this video program is all about!
    • Working in neutral positions
    • Repetitive motion
    • Minimize force, eliminate direct pressure
    • The value of taking short breaks and exercising
  • Ergonomics: Your Body at Work
    #ER004 - VHS (20 min. 1991)

    This award-winning video program reviews proper ergonomic mechanics and will help employees avoid injuries. How to make low-cost ergonomic worksite improvements is examined.
    • Definition of ergonomics
    • Cumulative trauma disorders and contributing factors
    • Worksite analysis: low-cost improvements
    • Modifying body mechanics
    • Proper use of hand tools
  • Ergonomics for the Mobile Worker
    #ER001 - DVD (15 min. added 2012)

    When we work in a typical office, we have the advantage of ergonomically adjustable office equipment and furniture. But when we rely on laptops, tablets and smartphones in settings that range from coffee shops to hotel rooms to our kitchen table, we need to be aware of what we can do to create our own comfortable work environment. This program discusses posture and how it impacts the proper use of mobile office equipment, the special challenges it presents and the importance of positioning and moving our bodies as we work.
  • Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety
    #HA002 - VHS (12 min. 1999)

    Hands are irreplaceable instruments — motivate employees to protect their only pair:
    • Sense of touch, power grip & precision grip
    • Gloves: choosing the right type, length and fit, inspecting, washing and storage
    • Hand pads & guards, finger guards, barrier cream
    • Ergonomics: avoid repetition, use natural positions
  • Industrial Ergonomics
    #IE000 - VHS (12 min. 1999)

    Employees can avoid unnecessary strain with the following ergonomic education:
    • Workplace customizing: tools, material & equipment selection, including power tools
    • Whole body neutral positions; warm ups, stretching
    • Proper lifting/avoiding repetition
  • Making It Fit: Improving Our Office Comfort
    #MA100 - DVD (15 min. added 2012)

    A desk, a chair, a phone, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse are the standard working tools of millions of people. But these simple tools can take their toll when we don't fit the equipment to the physical needs of the office worker. This program covers ergonomics in the office environment and how to avoid the fatigue, strain and stress that can result from the poor office setup.
  • Working Ergonomically in the Workplace
    #WK003 - VHS (22 min. 2005)

    This film shows employees how to recognize ergonomic problems in an office environment, potential adverse effects "bad ergonomics" can have and practical solutions they themselves can use to help deal with ergonomic problems in the office.
    • Physiology of the Body
    • Parts of the Body Most Effected
    • Eyestrain
    • Pragmatic Preventative Measures
    • Correct Use of Office Equipment
    • Exercises and Stress Release
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