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Video Library: Emergency Preparedness and Response

Dealing with Hazardous Spills
Disaster Preparedness
Drum and Other Small Spills: Control, Containment and Clean-up
Drum Handling
Emergency Action Plans
Handling Hazardous Spills
Hazmat Leaks, Drips and Spill Cleanup
Hazwoper Awareness Training: Your Role as a First Responder
Incident Command When Duty Calls
Incident Command When Seconds Count
Security Awareness for Work, Travel and Home

  • Dealing with Hazardous Spills
    #DL001 - DVD (23 min. 2001)

    This program is designed to help employees who seldom have to face the dangers of a hazardous spill deal with a cleanup situation. Areas covered in the program include:
    • the hazard communication plan
    • the emergency response plan
    • five levels of osha's hazmat training
    • initial spill response
    • spill containment
    • instruments used to identify chemicals
    • additional hazards of a spill site
  • Disaster Preparedness
    #DP001 - VHS (20 min. 2001)

    Disaster strikes unexpectedly. Is your company ready? This film was put out after the attacks on September 11th, 2001. Topics covered:
    • Emergency action plans
    • Fire drills
    • Package bombs
  • Drum and Other Small Spills: Control, Containment and Clean-up
    #DR015 - VHS - VHS (18 min. 1987)

    This live-action video provides step-by-step instructions on how to safely contain, control and clean up small spills. Topics covered include notification; personal protective equipment; and puncture, hole and crack repair.
  • Drum Handling
    #DR001 - VHS (18 min. 1992)

    This video emphasizes the health and safety issues involved with drum handling. Includes inspecting drums and worksites; handling and moving drums; opening and sampling; characterization and staging; and decontamination.
  • Emergency Action Plans
    #EM007 - DVD (19 min. purchased 2011)

    This Hi-Impact video will help your employees understand the importance of your company's emergency action plans. The five incidents featured in the program show viewers that they must be able to make immediate decisions based on their knowledge of these plans when an emergency occurs. Topics include responding to fires, use of fire extinguishers, the company Hazard Communication plan, bloodborne pathogens, hazardous weather conditions, preventing workplace violence and evacuation procedures.
  • Handling Hazardous Spills
    #HA007 - VHS (17 min. 1990)

    This video by 3M includes the necessary steps to be considered when developing and implementing an effective spill response plan. Planning, training, equipment/material selections and appropriate response procedures are covered.
  • Hazmat Leaks, Drips and Spill Cleanup
    #HA026 - VHS (5 min. 1995)

    • Hazardous material definition
    • Development of an emergency plan
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Cleanup procedures
  • Hazwoper Awareness Training: Your Role as a First Responder
    #HA021 - VHS (18 min. 1991)

    The hazwoper regulation recognizes that anyone working where hazardous materials are used or stored can be first on the scene in an emergency. This fast-paced video instructs viewers in hazard recognition and the actions necessary to prevent injury, loss of life and damage to property and the environment in the event of a release or spill of hazardous material
  • Incident Command When Duty Calls
    #IN008 - DVD (20min., added 2006)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish
    In today's climate of terrorism, industrial accidents and natural disasters, emergency responders often work together to handle crises, as mandated by the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This program ensures that emergency responders and those responsible for your facility know their roles, duties and responsibilities.
  • Incident Command When Seconds Count #IN007 - DVD (15min., added 2013)
    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
    This award-winning program helps you map out a highly effective emergency response plan, respond to incidents and manage them smoothly and safely.
    • Emergency response plan
    • The Incident Command System
    • Small/large/multi-county incidents
    • Coordinating support services
    • Situation under control
  • Security Awareness for Work, Travel & Home
    #SE002 - DVD (20 min. 2001)

    Occupational / Off-the-job
    Whether we are at work, traveling or at home, maintaining awareness about security is one thing that each of us can do to make our world a little safer for everyone. The purpose of this video is to increase awareness of security issues and help viewers to understand what they can do to remain secure while at work, while traveling or at home. Topics include workplace security, employee identification and access, threats of workplace violence and harmful materials in mail and shipments. Security for hotel guests, security while driving, airport security and security in the home are also covered in the program.
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