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Video Library: Crane and Rigging Safety

Crane and Sling Safety
Cranes and Lifting Devices
Cranes, Chains, Slings and Hoists Safety
Crane Signal Person Basic Training
Indoor Cranes
Industrial Crane Safety
Managing Mobile Crane Hazards
Overhead Crane Safety
Overhead and Gantry Cranes
Rigging Equipment Basics
Rigging Operations
Rigging Safety in Construction

  • Crane and Sling Safety
    #CR005 - VHS (19 min. 1992)

    Demonstrates proper techniques for safe use of cranes and slings, and daily inspection procedures.
  • Cranes, Chains, Slings and Hoists Safety
    #CR007 - VHS, English, #CR008 - VHS, Spanish (12 min. 2001)

    • General equipment descriptions
    • Detailed description of employee safety
  • Cranes and Lifting Devices
    #CR100 - DVD (11 min. 2002)

    Designed for anyone operating hoists or cranes. The program explains sling angles, safety techniques, and inspection procedures. Anyone operating this equipment must be trained. Program meets OSHA training requirements. Points covered in this video include:
    • inspecting hoisting equipment using chains, ropes, slings
    • safe lifting procedures
    • sling angles, operating cranes and hoists
  • Crane Signal Person Basic Training
    #CR000 - DVD (21 min. 2009)

    This program presents: A general overview of crane operations and limitations, clear demonstrations of the 20 standard crane hand signals, an explanation of correct voice signal communication, guidelines for using non-standard and new signals, basic safety practices for a crane signal person.
  • Indoor Cranes
    #IN001 - VHS (22 min. 1994)

    Designed for non-licensed operators to give them the knowledge they need to safely operate several types of cranes: jib cranes, monorails, gantry cranes and bridge cranes.
    • Pre-operation safety inspections
    • Rigging techniques
    • Lifting and moving
  • Industrial Crane Safety
    #IN005 - DVD (21 min. 2007)

    Cranes and lifting devices are powerful, rugged machines that are critical to many industrial and construction operations. Just as crucial to these processes is the crane operator, because an improperly rigged or hoisted load can have monumental and often deadly consequences. Crane operators must be committed to moving loads in a safe, controlled manner in order to avoid injuries and property damage. This video demonstrates the safe work practices and precautions necessary to keep these employees and their co-workers out of harms way while cranes and hoists are being rigged or operated.
  • Managing Mobile Crane Hazards
    #MA011 - VHS (29 min. 2002)

    Whether you are a crane rental service, a general contractor, or a company who has its employees occasionally work around cranes, you have responsibilities. Critical management issues such as selection and sizing of the crane, daily inspection, communication between the site management and the crane operator, and the supervision of the operator, are topics that will be covered in this program. In addition, information is provided about basic crane components and their functions as well as hazards associated with crane operations and the regulations that address those hazards.
  • Overhead Crane Safety
    #OV015 - VHS (18 min. 1989)
    Overhead Crane Safety will train workers to use safety procedures when operating or working around cranes in your facility. Covers gantry and E.O. T. pre-operations inspection, basic operating techniques, pre-lift considerations, safe lifting, load movement, slings, hooks and magnets.
  • Overhead and Gantry Cranes
    #OV001 - DVD (20min., 2011)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
    Increase your employees' awareness of the hazards of working with or around cranes and will help your organization comply with OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.179. Show maintenance crews, operators and riggers specific ways they can work safely around these hazardous machines, including preoperational and periodic inspections. It also covers the proper way to rig and move a load.
  • Rigging Equipment Basics
    #RI012 - DVD (20 min, 2004)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish
    This program shows materials and techniques used for the three most common types of slings: those made of wire rope, fiber rope and webbing. It provides information on proper selection, maintenance, rigging and use. It covers:
    • Rigging basics
    • Slings and hitches
    • Wire rope and synthetic web slings
    • Attachments
  • Rigging Operations
    #RI011 - DVD (24 min, 2009)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish
    This program will show you what goes into a successful lift. It will describe the rigging plan, the steps necessary to rig a load and execute a lift, and the correct way to handle the rigging equipment when a lift has been completed. It covers:
    • The rigging plan
    • Equipment requirements
    • Environmental factors
    • Inspection
    • Lift preparation and safety
  • Rigging Safety in Construction
    #RI004 - DVD (18 min. added 2012)

    This video training program reminds employees that over 90% of rigging-related accidents are caused by human error... and that they are the key to preventing these incidents. Topics covered in these products include:
    • Physical and mental preparation.
    • Personal protective equipment.
    • Equipment inspection.
    • Hazard assessment.
    • Slings.
    • Hitches.
    • Hand signals.
    • Load angles.
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