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Video Library: Safety Committees

Effective Safety Committees
The Safety Committee: Problem or Solution

  • Effective Safety Committees
    #EF001 - DVD (16 min. 2002)

    Safety Committees; Occupational
    Keeping your employees safe and free of injury should always be a top priority, but you may often feel overwhelmed with the number of safety issues that need to be addressed. This training program addresses your concerns as you begin the process of establishing a safety committee. It also answers the questions your committee members may have about their role and responsibility in the safety process. Includes additional training sessions designed to provide specific training for safety committee members.
  • The Safety Committee: Problem or Solution
    #SA019 - VHS (31 min. 1993)

    A successful safety committee meeting just doesn't happen. This program presents some guidelines that will help members ensure the success of their committee. Topics that are covered include the benefits of a good safety committee, functions of a safety commit-tee, steps to take to build committee members' confidence and how to conduct a successful safety meeting.
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