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Video Library: Back Injury Prevention

Avoiding Back Pain
Back at Work
Back in Step: Road to Recovery From Back Pain
Back Injury Prevention, 1996
Back Injury Prevention: Safe Lifting
Back Injury Prevention: You're in Control
Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone
Back Safety
Back Safety Attitude
Back Safety: Ergonomic Connection
Good Back Bad Back™
Lifting & Stretching Back Owners Guide
Lifting Training That Works: Powerlift
On The Roadway: The Lighter Side of Lifting

  • Avoiding Back Pain
    #AV005 - VHS (24 min. 1994)

    This program takes the viewer out into the field, for work on utilities, maintenance and construction. Includes testimonials from workers whose lives have been changed by back injuries, demonstrates principles of ergonomics and body mechanics and shows specific techniques and work practices.
  • B-A-C-K
    #BA003 - VHS, English, #BA010 - VHS, Spanish (19 min. 1995)

    • How the back works
    • Lifting safely
      • Balance
      • Alignment
      • Close to the body
      • Knees
    • Special dangers
  • Back at Work
    #BA002 - VHS (16 min. 1994)

    Dramatized to emphasize importance of lifestyle.
    • Proper lifting procedures
    • Consequences of short cuts
    • Posture
    • Exercise
    • Physical fitness
  • Back in Step: Road to Recovery From Back Pain
    #BA019 - VHS (50 min. 1995)

    Back in Step is a motivational and innovative program created to help people recovering from back problems make it through the day. The video helps injured workers recognize their role in the recovery process and how participation in daily activities can complement or inhibit recovery. This unique video can be easily divided into segments and used as a resource throughout the entire recovery process.
  • Back Injury Prevention
    #BA009 - VHS (10 min. 1996)

    Occupational, Off-the-Job
    Help employees prevent degeneration of back disks, the cause of 70% of all back pain. Important information about everyday movements pertains to both work and home:
    • Structure of the back and range of motion
    • Mechanics of back injuries
    • Encouragement for good posture and exercise
    • Lifting principles: lever principle, grip, awkward positions
    • Positive attitude towards safety
  • Back Injury Prevention: Safe Lifting
    #BA020 - VHS, English, #BA021 - VHS, Spanish (9 min. 2001)

    • Briefly explains potential hazards associated with improper lifting
    • Detailed explanation of proper lifting techniques
    • Excellent for retraining employees with previous back injuries
  • Back Injury Prevention: You're in Control
    #BA016 - VHS, #BK016 - VHS (16 min. 1999)

    This program teaches your employees how and why back injuries occur, and what they can do to keep from being injured. Attention-grabbing animation clearly explains how the back works and why following correct lifting and carrying guidelines is so important. Real-life demonstrations of correct and incorrect lifting and bending give your employees examples they can relate to. Correct posture, stretching and other back injury preventive measures are included as well.
  • Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone
    #BA014 - VHS, #BA015 - VHS (18 min. 1997)

    Eight out of ten Americans will seek medical attention for a back problem sometime in their lives. That's a scary statistic! This dynamic, sports-themed trainers' toolkit compares the physical rigors workers may face on the job to the physical challenges of many professional athletes, always stressing the right techniques for back safety.
    • Defending your safety zone
    • Safe lifting
    • Posture
    • Exercise
    • Back injuries and prevention
  • Back Safety
    #BA000 - DVD (added 2013)

    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish
    The potential for back injury is very real, whether your employees have a physically demanding job, one with lifting or bending over, or have less active one, such as sitting behind a desk. Covers: Attitude, Types of back injuries, Safe lifting, Excersise, Real life scenarios.
  • Back Safety Attitude
    #BA004 – CDROM (10 min. added 2012)
    Television personality McLean Stevenson examines a series of accident re-enactments, revealing how the excuses we make can actually be warning signs of unsafe behavior. This is an attitude oriented program that is extremely easy to relate to and provides strong reinforcement for your back injury education efforts.
  • Back Safety: Ergonomic Connection
    #BA005 - VHS (13 min. 1992)

    After a brief discussion on the anatomy of the back and how it works, this video demonstrates and explains the importance of proper lifting techniques. Maintaining fitness and ergonomic considerations are emphasized
  • Back-wise
    #BA001 - VHS (19 min. 1993)

    Occupational, Off-the-Job
    This video gives an overview of the anatomy of the back, simple ergonomic principles and exercises to prevent injuries.
  • Good Back Bad Back™
    #GO002 - VHS (18 min. 1997)

    This video training package will quickly and effectively teach your employees positive back protection behavior. Use this energetic, memorable approach that all viewers will understand and be motivated to implement in all areas of life.
  • Lifting & Stretching Back Owners Guide
    #BA100 - DVD (16 min. purchased 2011)

    In this program occupational therapist Michael Melnik introduces the viewer to 3 simple and memorable principles, "Keep it Close and Keep the Curves", "Build a Bridge" and "Feet First". Utilizing these three principles anyone can take a demanding lift and make it "better", "safer" and "less demanding" on the back.
  • Lifting Training That Works: Powerlift
    #PO100 - DVD (20 min. 2009)

    This program explains the five lifting techniques that have been derived from the powerlift position so viewers can move materials safely in practically every situation.
  • On The Roadway: The Lighter Side of Lifting
    #ON002 - VHS (22 min. 1995)

    It's time to hit the road and lift BETTER! Follow Michael S. Melnik, MS, OTR as he takes the viewer on a trip to find out what works in the real world of lifting. A refreshing departure from traditional videos; this information effectively teaches safe body mechanics in reallife situations. The Lighter Side of Lifting teaches the audience how to choose the "right lift" and apply these principles in a variety of lifting situations.
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