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Aerial Lift
Aerial Lift Safety
Aerial Lift Work Platform

  • Aerial Lift
    #AE001 - VHS (13 min. 1994)

    Training for all employees who operate or work around aerial lifts. Complies with OSHA's 1910.67 and ANSI A92.6 regulations. Live-action footage includes aerial lifts in chemical and manufacturing facilities, refineries, municipalities and other industries.
  • Aerial Lift Safety
    #AE002 - VHS (13 min. 1998)

    This program is for all employees who operate or work around aerial lifts. Attention-grabbing incidents and real-life situations were filmed in chemical and manufacturing facilities, refineries and municipalities.
    • Pre-operation inspection
    • Preparing the work site
    • Vehicle stabilization and traveling
    • Safe work practices on platforms
    • Working near electrical lines
  • Aerial Lift Work Platform
    #AE003 - DVD (15 min. added 2012)

    Aerial work platforms provide access to work areas that were one difficult or impossible to reach. But, there are potential hazards involved. That's why anyone operating an aerial work platform must be trained and authorized before using the equipment. This program covers a broad range of topics including: Pre-Shift Inspections, Operating Controls, Safe Operating Procedures, Driving and Steering, Speed Control, Fall Protection and others.
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