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Video Library: Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation (8 min. 1993)
Accident Investigation (21 min. 1993)
Accident Investigation: Determining Root Causes
Accident Investigation For Everyone
Anatomy of an Accident
How to Investigate an Accident

  • Accident Investigation
    #AC007 - VHS (8 min. 1993)

    • Importance of fact-finding, not fault finding
    • Unsafe acts or conditions as cause
    • Equipment, environment, personnel and/or management as causes
    • Recording fragile evidence
    • Interviewing witnesses
  • Accident Investigation
    #AC001 - VHS (21 min. 1993)

    Your employees will learn recognized, complete accident investigation techniques. These topics are presented:
    • Securing the accident area to preserve critical evidence
    • Interviewing witnesses and putting them at ease
    • Sketching the accident scene for later analysis
    • Sampling the materials found at the scene
    • Preserving the "chain of custody" of materials found at the scene
    • Determining the cause(s) of the accident
  • Accident Investigation: Determining Root Causes
    #AC011 - VHS (22 min. 1998)

    This World Safety Award winner takes you through investigation procedures to discover the true causes of accidents, corrective actions and elimination of occurrences.
    • Taking immediate action
    • Gathering informational and physical evidence
    • Interviewing witnesses and analyzing information
    • Determining actual causes
    • Recommending corrective actions
  • Accident Investigation For Everyone
    #AC000 - DVD (23 min. 2006)

    Accident investigation is a key component of an effective safety process, but very few investigations achieve their intended purpose. All too often the focus of an investigation is finding someone responsible for an incident, but it should really be about finding facts, finding real causes and finding the fixes that will prevent the incident from happening again. For an accident investigation to be successful, it must lead to proactive safety improvements and injury prevention. This program will help everyone involved in an investigation — management, employees and investigators - understand their roles in the process. Viewers will also learn how to recognize common mistakes made during investigations and how to make the right changes that can prevent injuries and improve workplace safety.
  • Anatomy of an Accident
    #AN004 - VHS (16 min. 1995)

    This video-based safety training awareness program gets your employees thinking and actively involved in safety. Innovative and dramatic, this video presents two major goals for training participants to prevent accidents — awareness and employee involvement.
  • How to Investigate an Accident
    #HO020 - VHS, English, #HO021 - VHS, Spanish (13 min. 2001)

    • Detailed description of written accident reports
    • Supervisor responsibility in accident investigation
    • Provides an accident investigation scenario
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