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Video Library: Lawn Mower Safety

Commercial Lawnmower Safety
Mowing Operations
Pro's Guide to Riding Mowers

  • Commercial Lawnmower Safety
    #CO102 - DVD (17 min. added 2012)

    Covers general safety rules when operating mowers, cutters, knives, trimmers, and weed eaters. Deals with proper procedures when handling chemicals and hazardous materials associated with this environment.
  • Mowing Operations
    #MO006 - VHS (4:45 min. 1999)

    This film is intended for the person who has already gone through in-depth training pertaining mower operations, keying on safe procedures. Touches on preventative maintenance, pre-inspection and different types of mowers.
  • Pro's Guide to Riding Mowers
    #PR014 - VHS (18 min. 1996)

    Occupational, Off-the-Job
    Meets OSHA, state and local regulations. Presents dramatic accident reenactments and the latest techniques on how to prevent them, such as inspection of grounds and PPE, operation manual and maintenance, cutting on hills, awareness of public and much more.
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