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Video Library: Fall Protection

ABCD's of Your Personal Fall Arrest System
Fall Protection
Fall Protection: The Right Connection
Surviving the Fall

  • ABCD's of Your Personal Fall Arrest System
    #FA005 - DVD (15 min. 2002)

    Whether you use a personal fall arrest system every day or only once in your lifetime, one thing is for certain: the system won't do any good unless it is used correctly! This video shows viewers how to properly select and use personal fall arrest systems so they can work safely above ground. Topics include forces involved in falls, components of a fall arrest system, inspection of the equipment, calculating fall distance, selection of an appropriate connecting device and the importance of choosing a legal tie-off point.
  • Fall Protection #FA003 - VHS (21 min. 1996)
    OSHA requires fall protection for anyone working six feet or more above ground. Video covers:
    • Fall protection types: guardrails, safety nets, fall arrest and monitoring systems, control access zones
    • Body harnesses and drop tests
    • Types of lanyards, snaphooks and d-rings
    • Pre-use inspection of equipment and rescue methods
  • Fall Protection: The Right Connection #FA002 - DVD (19min., 2007)
    Occupational; Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
    In buildings and on scaffoldings, the dangers run high and your safety standards have to tower above the risks. Heighten yours now with this highly valuable information on fall protection equipment, safety measures and fall emergency response.
    • Guardrails
    • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
    • Positioning devices
    • Proper use & maintenance
    • Rescue from height
  • Surviving the Fall #SU002 - DVD (20 min. added 2015)
    Falling just a short distance can generate huge forces and cause injury, even if you don't hit the ground. The proper use of fall protection equipment reduces these forces and prevents injuries. In this program, viewers will see fall protection equipment deployed in actual fall events and learn the proper selection and use of these devices. In addition to safe work practices, such as 100 percent tie-off techniques, emphasis is placed on having a rescue plan in place should a fall occur.
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