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Positions Available
   Safety Director, Gilbert Mechanical
   Director of Safety and Compliance, Wayne Transports, Inc.

Job Title, Organization Safety Director, Gilbert Mechanical
Summary of responsibilities

The Safety Director is responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of the Gilbert Mechanical AWAIR Safety Program. The Safety Director is responsible for the workplace safety program and strong culture of safety. This position provides advice and guidance to company management as well as field employees in keeping the company compliant with the Gilbert Mechanical AWAIR Safety Program and other local authorities. The ultimate goal of the Safety Director is to create a zero injury working environment. This is done through creating an appropriate level of knowledge, awareness, and preparedness throughout the entire company regarding effective safety practices and balancing overall associated costs. The Safety Director will work with Gilbert Mechanical’s safety consultant and safety committee in developing the safety program and initiatives. The Safety Director will report to senior management.

See detailed description.
How to Apply Send resume directly to Mark Olson, Division Manager Plumbing at MOlson@gilbertmech.com.
Date Posted 10/9/17

Job Title, Organization Director of Safety and Compliance, Wayne Transports, Inc.
Summary of responsibilities The Director of Safety and Compliance is responsible for maintaining, developing and implementing all safety and loss prevention programs, policies, procedures, and objectives to insure a safe work environment for employees of Wayne Transports and its affiliated companies. Position is responsible for all compliance with state, federal and local safety regulations and supports compliance with training to all employees and independent contractors. This role also provides strategic support in the development and implementation of loss prevention programs and safety objectives, policies, procedures and training programs.

See detailed description.
How to Apply Call or Email
Jess Siemers 651-438-6416 JessS@waynetransports.com
Carl Vedders 651-438-6410 JCarlV@waynetransports.com
Date Posted 9/15/17

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