Online Defensive Driving Training

Minnesota Safety Campus
The Minnesota Safety Council and Coaching Systems, now offer vehicle-specific driver safety training online, complete with testing, scoring and management reporting capabilities. For maximum impact, curriculum, testing and reporting can be customized to support your management objectives. Minnesota Safety Campus extends the cost savings benefit of driver safety training to a broad spectrum of participants, in a cost efficient manner. It also offers you the ability to apply training widely over a short period of time, and on an ongoing basis with a minimum of lost productivity.

Courses available on Minnesota Safety Campus
Full Courses Topic Specific Courses
Coaching the Experienced Driver Online™ Backing Safely™
Coaching the Sales Professional Online™ Low Visibility and Driving ™
Coaching the Van Driver II Online™
Coaching the Straight Truck Driver Online™
Coaching the Beverage Truck Driver Online™
Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO)—Ambulance
Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO)—Fire
Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO)—Police

  • Unlimited access for one year
  • Powerful administration features and reporting capabilities
  • Reduces expenses such as cost of travel and training facilities
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Very interactive
  • Cuts training time
  • Easy-to-use
  • Participants learn at their own pace
  • Production quality videos without the delay
  • Instant test score results
  • Participants can print a certificate of completion

National Safety Council (8-hour)
This defensive driving training is based on National Safety Council's original DDC 8-hour classroom program. It provides practical information and techniques to help drivers avoid crashes and choose safe, responsible, and lawful driving behaviors. Topics include:
  • The difference between good driving and defensive driving
  • The six most common driving errors
  • How physical conditions, driver distractions, emotions, alcohol and drugs affect driving
  • The benefits of occupant restraints
  • and much more.
The program provides access to a customized database that allows administrators to track student information and activity, and a manual with detailed information on how to get started, manage student accounts and develop reports. Simply purchase a specified number of student IDs and let employees complete at their convenience. Ideal for organizations with employees at various locations.

Fee determined by number of student IDs purchased.

For additional information, a free preview, or to register, contact Lisa Kons at 651-228-7330/800-444-9150 or