National Safety Council's DDC Online Abridged (Refresher) 10th Edition

Improve your driving skills, and if you're 55 or older, get a discount on your personal auto insurance. National Safety Council?s DDC Online Abridged 9th edition is ideal for the experienced adult driver. The program leads trainees through defensive driving techniques and collision analyses to sharpen collision avoidance skills. According to Minnesota state law, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance. Contact your insurance agent for details.

This online program allows individuals to take the course when and where it is convenient for them. The program has the ability to monitor and track progress allowing you to log on and off as needed. You will always return to the exact spot you left off. Upon completion of the course, you will be prompted to print your certificate of completion.

Course features
  • Defensive driving strategies and techniques to reduce the chance of motor vehicle collisions
  • How drugs, alcohol, physical conditions and emotion affect driving decisions
  • How to deal with distracted, aggressive and fatigued driving
  • Multiple driving scenarios to provide students the knowledge for real-life situations
  • Three-step process to help drivers recognize hazards and avoid collisions
  • Overview of common driving errors and how to avoid them
Price: $20.00 (plus tax) per user

To register for the online 4-hour Defensive Driving program:
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  4. You will receive a follow-up email from the Minnesota Safety Council with:

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Once you have registered for the program you can access or log back into the training by following these steps.
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If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kupczak at or 651-228-7302