Buckle Your Seat Belts Minnesota

Every body, every seat, every time!

The Minnesota Seat Belt Coalition works to reduce deaths and injuries on our roadways by increasing seat belt use through education about issues and legislation. It's coordinated by the Minnesota Safety Council in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety.

The Minnesota Seat Belt Coalition includes individuals and organizations from across the state—businesses, health care providers, emergency responders, law enforcement officers, community organizations, parents, insurance representatives, auto dealers, crash survivors and others.

Minnesota's seat belt use law requires everybody of all ages in every seating position in the vehicle to be buckled up or riding in an approved child passenger safety restraint. Also, law enforcement officers can stop and cite drivers and passengers who are not buckled up. This primary enforcement provision gives the seat belt use law the same status as every other Minnesota traffic safety law.

Contact the Minnesota Seat Belt Coalition by calling 651-228-7304 or 1-800-444-9150 x 304 or by e-mail at msc@minnesotasafetycouncil.org.