Safe Kids Minnesota Logo Fact Sheets

The Minnesota Safety Council has created a number of child-related fact sheets containing information from state and national experts. Click on the links below for access to more than 85 fact sheets that offer child safety information and tips.

A Parents’ Checklist: Childproofing Your Home
A Parents’ Checklist: Farm Safety
A Parents’ Checklist: Fire Safety
A Parents’ Checklist: Home Safety
A Parents’ Checklist: Kids on Their Own
A Parents’ Checklist: Sports and Recreation Safety
A Parents’ Checklist: Swimming and Water Safety
A Parents’ Checklist: Traffic Safety
A Parents’ Checklist: Weather Safety
Air Bags
Back-to-School Safety
Bathroom Safety
Bicycle Helmet
Bike Safety
Booster Seat Safety
Buckling up - The Facts
Carbon Monoxide
Children and Falls
Coping With Heat Stress
Dog Bites
Driving Your Child To School
Fall Driving Tips
Fall Prevention
Farm Safety
Firearms Safety
Frostbite and Hypothermia
Garage Door Safety
Halloween Safety
Heat-Related Illness
Holiday Safety
Home Fire Emergency Plan
Home Fire Safety
Home Heating Safety
Home Safety Checklist
In-line Skating
Keeping Food Safe
Kitchen Safety
Minnesota Crosswalk Law
Myths and Facts about Alcohol and Driving
Navigating the Asphalt Jungle
Nursery Safety
Occupant Protection
Outdated and Used Child Safety Seats
Outdoor Cooking
Pedestrian Safety
Plants and Poison
Playground Safety
Poison Prevention: First Aid For Poisoning
Poison Prevention: Pills Can Be Poison, Too
Poison Prevention: Protect Your Garden
Poison Prevention: Protect Your Household
Poison Prevention: Protect Your Kids
Poison Prevention: Protect Your Pets
Poison Prevention: Safety Tips
Preparing An Emergency Kit
Preventing Falls From Windows
Radon Facts
Safety Tips For Babysitting
Scooter Safety
Sledding Safety Tips
Smoke Alarms
Snowmobile Safety
Spring Clean-Up Safety
Staying Safe While Home Alone
Take the Chill Out of Winter Fun
Toy Safety