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Supervisors' Development Program (National Safety Council)

A complete safety training program in one package
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Unfortunately, supervisors and team leaders don't always have the safety management skills they need. Here's everything you need in one neat package. The Supervisor's Development Program covers 16 topics, and includes all the materials for you and your trainers to implement a comprehensive safety management training program now. No other package is so complete, so cost-effective, so simple to start.

The Modules
1.Safety Management
3.Safety and Health Training
4.Employee Involvement
5.Safety and Health Inspections
6.Incident Investigation
7.Industrial Hygiene
8.Personal Protective Equipment
10.Hazard Communication
11.Regulatory Issues
12.Machine Safeguarding
13.Hand Tools and Portable Power Tools
14.Materials Handling and Storage
15.Electrical Safety
16.Fire Safety
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  #15514 Participant Kit
Course materials include:
  • Participant Guide
    • 16 instructional modules
    • Certificate of completion
  • Supervisors’ Safety Manual, 10th Edition
Each       110.00 /  145.00

  #15515 Facilitator Kit
Course materials include:
  • Facilitator Guide
    • Introduction and preparation
    • Module exams
    • Final exam
    • 16 instructional modules
  • Facilitator PowerPoint® presentations with embedded videos on DVD
    (4 disk set) and CD (2 disk set)
  • Supervisors’ Safety Manual, 10th Edition
Each       325.00 /  425.00

This product is available to you at preferred pricing through the Minnesota Safety Council's partnership with National Safety Council. Proceeds from this sale help support our family safety programs.

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