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Back Injury Prevention (CLMI)

Injuries to the back account for the largest number of days-away-from-work cases
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Back injuries are the single largest type of on-the-job injury.

Program includes:
  • DVD (11 minutes, closed captioned, available in Spanish)
  • Administrative Materials
  • 5 Employee Handbooks
  • Overhead Templates in Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint
Program Overview:

Help your employees learn to safeguard themselves against back injuries. This program is designed to help you adopt a company-wide culture that embraces healthy and strong backs.

Your Employees Will Learn:
  • The basic function and design of the back
  • Mechanics of the spine
  • Facts about back disorders
  • How to maintain a healthy back when driving, standing, and sitting
  • Proper lifting techniques
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy back at home
  • Proper stretching and warm-up techniques for various activities
  • Strengthening exercises to perform at home
  • Miscellaneous back facts
Program Contents:
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Develop Your Back Injury Prevention Program
  • Written Program Development
  • Back injury Prevention Written Program
  • Recordkeeping Forms:

    Back Injury Cost Assessment Worksheet
    Workplace Inspection Checklist
    Physical Capacities Evaluation
    Job Modification Report
    Back injury Prevention Training Record

  Order # Item Members / Nonmembers  
  #BPDBACK Back Injury Prevention, Training Program (English)
Each       349.00 /  399.00

  #BCBACK Back Injury Prevention, Training Program (English/Spanish Combo)
Each       449.00 /  499.00

  #VOBACK Back Injury Prevention, DVD Only (English)
Each       249.00 /  299.00

  #BKBACK Back Injury Prevention, Employee Handbooks
Each       1.50 /  2.00

This product is available to you at preferred pricing through the Minnesota Safety Council's partnership with CLMI. Proceeds from this sale help support our family safety programs.

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