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Pipeline Safety Orientation (Summit)

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Pipeline incidents can be devastating - putting people and the environment at risk. Pipeline safety involves regulations and standards from a variety of government agencies, including the EPA, DOT, and OSHA.

Pipeline Safety Orientation provides a comprehensive guide to working safely around pipelines. The safety training issues are many and can range from excavation safety to PPE, welding and ergonomics. Summit's Pipeline Safety Orientation training program provides essential best safety practices that will protect workers...and your bottom line.

Topics covered in this web-based Pipeline Safety Orientation program include:
  • Limiting exposure to hazardous materials
  • Lockout/tagout procedures
  • Working safely in confined spaces
  • Proper use of PPE
  • Best safety practices
Includes facilitator guide, quiz, employee handbooks, and a PowerPointâ„¢ presentation.

18 minutes
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This product is available to you at preferred pricing through the Minnesota Safety Council's partnership with Summit Training Source. Proceeds from this sale help support our family safety programs.