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Safety Program Management (CLMI)

Build a solid foundation for your safety program
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A safety program is much more than simply stating that "safety is important around here." Safety must be a core value of the organization, the fundamental belief that keeping employees safe from injury is a top priority.

Program includes:
  • 2 DVDs (38 minutes (combined))
  • Administrative Materials
Program Overview:

Filled with practical advice and information from experienced safety professionals, this five-part module leads you from beginning to end through the steps needed to establish, maintain, and manage an effective safety program.

You will learn:
  • The importance of establishing a safety program
  • Tips for establishing safety as a core value in your company
  • How to create a written safety policy
  • How to establish and communicate safety goals
  • Responsibilities of managers and employees in the safety process
  • How to identify and control hazards
  • How to train management and employees
  • How to establish communication, feedback, and response methods
  • How to establish emergency response procedures and accident management
  • How to establish accident investigation procedures
  • How to measure and monitor effectiveness
Program Contents:
  • Safety Program Requirements
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Manage Your Safety Program
  • A Guide to Recordkeeping Requirements for Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
  • Written Program Development
  • Safety Program Management Written Program
  • Recordkeeping Forms:

    Activity Assessment Form
    Emergency Call List
    Hazardous Material Review
    Job Safety Analysis
    How to Write Practice Statements
    Emergency Response Information
    Injury Cost Assessment Worksheet
    OSHA 300 Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries & Illness
    Potential Injuries Assessment form
    Safe Work Procedure Development Worksheet
    Safety Program Element Schedule
    Safety Management Schedule
    Safety Goals Worksheet
    Safety Committee Action Items
    Safety Committee Members
    Safety Committee Minutes
    Safety Meeting Planner
    Safety Program Activities Plan
    Safety Program Training Record
    Safety Training Calendar
    Self-Inspection Checklist
    Safety Policy Development Worksheet
    Safety Action Sheet
    Safety Program Assessment Worksheet
    Employee Injury Report

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This product is available to you at preferred pricing through the Minnesota Safety Council's partnership with CLMI. Proceeds from this sale help support our family safety programs.

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