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Minnesota Laws
  • A motorist must yield at a crossing without gates. Trains always have the right-of-way.
  • If lights are flashing, stop and proceed only if a train is not visible.
  • It is illegal to go around crossing gates.
  • A motorist must stop at all railroad crossings if a train is visible and stay stopped until the train has passed.
  • School buses and commercial buses are required to stop at all railroad crossings whether carrying passengers or not. While stopped, the driver must open the driver's window and service door to look and listen in both directions along the track for any approaching train.
  • Trucks carrying hazardous materials are required to stop at all grade crossings. Drivers should make a safe, gradual stop to minimize the possibility of causing another collision.
  • It is considered trespassing and illegal to be on private property which is used in railroad operation (i.e. walking on tracks).
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Federal Railroad Administration
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