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Railroad Crossover
Please tell me how to play
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Crossover How-To's
  • The object of this game is to see how many crossbuck signs you can hop away.

  • A crossbuck sign can only hop over the top of another crossbuck sign to an empty square.

  • To make a crossbuck sign hop, use your mouse to click on the crossbuck sign you want to hop. Then click on the empty square you want it to hop to. It will hop, and the crossbuck sign it hopped over will disappear!

  • When you click a crossbuck sign who can make a hop, a red box appears around the crossbuck sign. Next just click the empty square you want it to hop to.

  • If a dark red box appears when you click a crossbuck sign, that means you can't make a move from that square.

  • You can only hop crossbuck signs up, down, and sideways. You cannot make diagonal hops. Be careful, it's harder than it looks.

  • Each time you successfully hop one crossbuck sign over another you will score 10 points. See how many points you can score!

  • Any time you click "Undo", the last crossbuck sign that hopped will go back to its square.

  • The game will be over when there are no more hops. A box will blink around each of the remaining crossbuck signs to let you know there's no hops left.

  • To start a new game when there are no hops left, or anytime you want to, just click "Reset".

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