Memo to Members, 2015

November 2015 (1.6 MB)
In this issue:

  • Questions? The Online Member Community Can Help!
  • A Winter Moment
  • "It Never Rains the Last Tuesday in September"
  • New Accident Reporting Requirements Effective in MN
  • Confined Spaces Rule
  • Updates to National Emphasis Program on Amputations
  • Hazmat Special Permits
  • Temp Workers
  • New Research Identifies Five Best Practices for Keeping Contractors Safe
  • Workplace Illness Rates in Minnesota
  • Facts, Tools and Articles of Interest
  • Minnesota Work-related Deaths Decline in 2014
  • Prescription Painkillers and the Workforce
  • Beyond 9-1-1: What's Your Plan?
  • 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook Coming Soon!
  • October 2015-June 2016 Training Schedule
  • Minnesota Network of Employers for Traffic Safety Newsletter
  • Get Ahead of the Winter Freeze
  • Winter Hazard Awareness Week
September 2015 (3.26 MB)
In this issue:
  • Members Gather Around the State
  • Cecil and Safety
  • Working Alone: Controlling the Risks
  • Best Practices for Workplace Safety Committees
  • MNOSHA Adopts Federal Standards
  • OSHA: Recordkeeping is Ongoing Obligation
  • MNOSHA Alert: BBP and Laundry Workers
  • Assessing Safety Culture
  • August-December Training Schedule
  • Northern Regional Safety Day, September 29, Duluth
  • Once-a-year Training Opportunity: Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Leader Course
  • Training for Emergencies: Be Prepared
  • New Courses!
  • Minnesota Network of Employers for Traffic Safety Newsletter
  • Hear the Beep Where You Sleep: Fire Prevention Week, October 4–10
  • Safely Sharing Rural Roads During Harvest
  • Pedestrian Safety: Take Action Against Distraction
  • Safe Tree Stand Hunting
  • Free Seasonal Off-the-Job Safety Resources
July 2015 (1.74 MB)
In this issue:
  • 2015 Minnesota Safety & Health Conference - Thanks for joining us!
  • The 7% Solution
  • Minnesota's New Medical Marijuana Law, and What It Means for Workers' Comp
  • SafetyNet Online Member Community: Hot Topics
  • Workers' Comp Cost Control Measure Passes MN Legislature
  • Positive Test Results for Illegal Drugs on the Rise
  • New OSHA Guidance: HazCom; Bathroom Access for Transgender Employees
  • New Online Resources from Federal OSHA
  • NIOSH, Nail Guns and the New ANSI Standard
  • Articles of Interest
  • NIOSH Database Provides Work-related Injury Data
  • July-December Training Schedule
  • Minnesota Network of Employers for Traffic Safety Newsletter
  • Summer Train-the-Trainer PLUS Workshops
  • Check your AED - Time for New Pads or Battery?
  • Upcoming Safety Observances
  • Minnesota Safety & Health Conference Exhibitor Guide
  • Safety Tips for Summer Fun!
  • Safety Safari Provides Family Fun and Learning at Como Zoo
  • Anchor and Protect!
May 2015 (3.77 MB)
In this issue:
  • 81st Annual Minnesota Safety & Health Conference
  • Driving — the Most Dangerous Thing We Do Every Day
  • MNOSHA Adopts Federal Standards
  • Members Meet with MNOSHA
  • June 1 Haz Com/GHS Deadline
  • Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now
  • National "Stop Falls" Stand-Down, May 4–15
  • Healthcare Workers at Greatest Risk of Violence
  • Eye and Face Protection; Temp Workers; Workers' Comp Costs
  • Electronic Log Rule; Annual Drug/Alcohol Testing Survey
  • Health Effects of Shift Work Go Far Beyond Fatigue
  • Important AED Maintenance: Time for New Pads or Battery?
  • Train-the-Trainer PLUS: Training Programs and "How-to’s: All in One
  • Upcoming Safety Observances
  • April-December Training Schedule
  • Minnesota Network of Employers for Traffic Safety Newsletter
  • Bicycle Safety is a Two-Way Street
  • Safe Kids Day
  • Summer Safety Safari Event
March 2015 (1.70 MB)
In this issue:
  • 2015 Minnesota Safety and Health Conference
  • Join us for the 2015 Minnesota Safety & Health Conference!
  • Temporary Workers: Issues and Resources
  • MNOSHA to Adopt Injury Reporting Changes
  • June 1 Haz Com/GHS Deadline Approaching
  • 80+ DVDs Added to Member Lending Library
  • Individual Accountability Within a Culture of Safety
  • Online Member Community: A Wealth of Information and Support
  • Conference Keynote Speakers
  • Conference at a Glance
  • February-June Training Schedule
  • Minnesota Network of Employers for Traffic Safety Newsletter
  • MSDSonline: Simplify Hazcom for Your Organization!
  • Training for Emergencies: Are You Prepared?
  • Poison Prevention Week, March 15–21
  • Think Spring – and Window Safety
  • Hermantown Students Spur Carbon Monoxide Awareness
January 2015 (2.89 MB)
In this issue:
  • Governor's Safety Awards: Gain Recognition for Your Workplace
  • New Federal OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements
  • OSHA Inspects More Temp Agencies
  • Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Continue to Decline Nationally
  • Online Resources and Articles of Interest
  • Conference Keynote Speakers
  • Preliminary Conference Program
  • Minnesota Winter Can Be a Mere Inconvenience — Here's How
  • Winter Workplace Hazards: Slips and Falls on Ice
  • Online Member Community Offers Information and Support
  • Cold Weather Resources for the Workplace
  • Minnesota Network of Employers for Traffic Safety Newsletter
  • January-June Training Schedule
  • Think Twice Before You Hit the Ice!
  • Kids, Visitors, and Medicine Poisonings
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