A program to help promote off-the-job safety in your workplace.

The Minnesota Safety Council's HOME/work program provides ideas, materials and tools you can use to promote off-the-job safety in your workplace. It's based on information about the most common injuries in Minnesota and has been developed with input from our members about:
  • The off-the-job injuries they see affecting their workers (back injuries, traffic injuries, falls and recreational/sports-related injuries)
  • The types of employee materials they would find most helpful
  • Questions and concerns that may come up as you promote safety off the job.
Home/work includes ready-to-use fact sheets, posters, PowerPoint presentations and other program tools. They will help your employees (and through them their families) reduce their risk of injury at home, on the road and at play.

HOME/workHOME/Work Help
Program tools (Produced in part with funding from the American Society of Safety Engineers, Northwest Chapter) Employee materials
Fact sheets, posters and PowerPoint presentations for each of the following topic areas: Additional free Minnesota Safety Council resources Training programs Off-the-job safety products