Swimming and playing in water can provide adults and children with hours of fun and exercise. But whether you're in the pool, on a boat, or at the beach, water can be dangerous if you don't take common sense precautions. The pages linked below help provide more detail on swimming and water safety.

Swimming and Water Safety
    A Parents' Checklist: Swimming and Water Safety
    Drowning fact sheet
    Life Jacket/Water Safety brochure (English; Spanish - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)
    Water Safety brochure (Safe Kids Worldwide)

Pool and Spa Safety
    Abbey's Hope: Water Watchdog Program
    Drain Entrapment fact sheet
    Safe Pool and Spa Drain Checklist
    Water Safety Policy Brief (Safe Kids Worldwide)

Good Going! Adventures in Safety magazine

Additional Resources
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Boat and Water Safety
Minnesota Water Safety Coalition - Think, Don't Sink