Children and Falls

Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal unintentional injury for children. In Minnesota, falls are the number one reason children ages 1 -14 land in the hospital and the leading cause of emergency department visits for ages 1 - 9.

"Children and Falls" fact sheet (national statistics)
Fall-Related Injuries brochure, PDF (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Prevent Falls brochure
"Ten Leading Causes of Nonfatal Hospitalized Injury by Age Group, Minnesota 1998-2001"
"Ten Leading Causes of Nonfatal ED-treated Injury by Age Group, Minnesota 1998-2001"

For more information about children and fatal injuries, see "Top Ten Causes of Unintentional Injury Death by Age Group, 1 - 19, Minnesota Residents, 2003 - 2007"