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Minnesota Injury Facts, 2009-2010 Edition

Average annual injury deaths in Minnesota, 2004-2008

Source: Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota achieved significant injury prevention milestones in 2009. Supported by the passage of primary seat belt legislation and stronger requirements for child passengers, Minnesota ended 2009 with 421 traffic deaths, the lowest number since 1943. Seat belt use climbed three percentage points to 90%, compared to the national average of 84%.

The downward trend in workplace injuries and illnesses has continued, resulting in the lowest numbers of cases and total case rate on record. Since 2003, the number of Minnesota workers has increased by more than 110,000. At the same time, the estimated number of recordable injury and illness cases has decreased by about 23,700.

Still, on average, unintentional injuries take the lives of more than 1,800 Minnesotans each year. Non-fatal injuries affect the lives of tens of thousands more.

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