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Minnesota Injury Facts, 2004 Edition: Non-Fatal Injuries, Minnesota

The burden of non-fatal injuries includes rising health care premiums, lost time from work and school, and long-term disability. Falls were the leading (and most expensive) cause of injuries that landed people both in the hospital and the emergency department in 2001. Overall, almost nine times more injury cases were treated in emergency departments than through hospitalization.

Leading Causes of Nonfatal Injury by Care Level, Minnesota , 2001


Emergency Department

According to the Minnesota Department of Health:
  • Elderly people make up a large proportion of people hospitalized for injuries.
  • Teenagers and young adults make up a large proportion of people treated in emergency departments.
  • Of the three types of injury by intent (unintentional, self-inflicted and assault), most injuries treated in hospitals and emergency departments are unintentional, for all age groups, for both men and women, and for all parts of the state. (Except for self-inflicted poisoning, the leading cause of injuries requiring hospitalization for girls and women ages 10-44, and the second leading cause for women ages 45-54.)
Source: Minnesota Department of Health

More detail on non-fatal injuries in Minnesota, including information by age, gender, county, region, cost data: Minnesota Department of Health, http://www.health.state.mn.us/injury/pub/ed2001/index.cfm.

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