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Are children properly dressed for winter temperatures (mittens, boots, hat) to protect hands, feet and ears from frostbite?

If a child's clothing gets wet in cold temperatures, is it replaced with dry clothing immediately?

Do you keep a travel emergency kit in your vehicle?

Do you know what to do if you are stranded in your vehicle during a winter storm?

Have children been taught how to protect themselves in case of a thunderstorm or tornado?

Do you have a battery-powered radio and a flashlight to use in case of a power outage?

Have children been taught to stay away from storm damaged areas and downed power lines?

In extremely hot weather, are children encouraged to drink lots of water, milk and other liquids that don't contain caffeine?

Do children wear sunscreen (with a sun protection factor of at least 15) and sunglasses for protection from the sun?

This checklist can help you start thinking about weather-related safety. For more information see:
National Safety Council
Federal Emergency Management Agency