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The animals that share our lives and homes rely on us for protection. Remember that many common household products such as cleaners and pesticides could hurt a pet if we don't use and store them correctly.

Always read the label first before you buy, store and use household cleaners or pesticide products - it will give important information about safe use.

Keep pets away from products.
  • Don't spray or store cleaning or pesticide products near pet foods or water dishes.
  • Make sure animals can't get near ant or mouse poison bait products while they are in use.
  • If a cleaning product, detergent, pesticide or other household chemical is spilled, be sure to keep animals out of the area until it is cleaned up.
  • Don't forget about wildlife. Spraying lawn or garden products on a windy day can carry the product into the water supply for wild animals.
  • Store all household cleaning products and pesticides where pets can't get at them.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Consumer Labeling Initiative