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The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that thousands of young children are injured in falls from windows each year.

To prevent falls from windows:
  • Young children should NEVER be left unattended or unsupervised.

  • Do not rely on screens to prevent a fall out of a window; screens are designed to keep insects out, not children in.

  • Install window guards or stops that comply with local building codes to keep the window opening less than four inches. These devices can be disengaged to allow the window to fully open if needed for an emergency escape.

  • Keep all furniture away from windows to keep children from climbing near windows.

  • Only open windows children cannot reach. If possible, open windows from the top rather than the bottom for ventilation.

  • Window treatments (blinds, cords, drapes) should be kept out of a child’s reach to prevent strangulation or choking; children also sometimes use them as climbing tools to reach an open window.

  • Practice a fire escape plan. Bedrooms must have two ways out (the door plus another door or window). Test the windows to see if they are large enough and low enough to escape through. Smoke detectors should be properly installed and maintained.

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