Safety Brochures

The following materials are available for you to download, print and reproduce:

Good Going! Adventures in Safety magazine

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
Bike and Wheeled Sports Safety brochure
Bike Safe, Bike Smart brochure, PDF
Bike Safety brochure, PDF
Helping Your Child Be a Safe Bicyclist
Keeping Kids Safe On Halloween; Driving Safely On Halloween, PDF
Halloween Safety brochure, PDF (English and Spanish)
Pedestrian Safety brochure
Ride Your Bike Safely

In and Around Vehicle Safety
Backover Child Injuries, PDF (English; Spanish)
Booster Seat brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Bus Safety (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Child Safety Seat Guidelines (English); (Spanish); (Hmong); (Somali)
Don't Skip a Step brochure, PDF
Get There! Your Guide to Traffic Safety: Engaging and practical tips for drivers of all ages
In and Around Cars brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Inside Vehicle Child Injuries, PDF (English; Spanish)
Never Leave Your Child Alone brochure, PDF (kids, cars and hot weather)
On the Go! A Safety Guide for Seasoned Drivers
StreetSmarts, A Common Sense Guide to Traffic Safety - Engaging activities and practical tips for drivers

Safety at Home
A Parent and Caregiver Guide to Fire Safety brochure, PDF
Burn Safety brochure, PDF
Carbon Monoxide: The "Invisible" Killer brochure, PDF (English); El Monoxido de Carbono: El Asesino "Invisible" brochure, PDF (Spanish)
Falling Televisions brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Fall-Related Injuries brochure, PDF (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Fire + Burn Safety: A Guide for Parents of Young Children booklet, PDF
Fire Safety brochure, PDF (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Gun Safety brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Outdoor Power Equipment booklet, PDF (English and Spanish)
Pet Safety brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Playground Safety brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Poison Safety for Kids brochure, PDF
Prevent Falls brochure, PDF
Prevent Poisonings brochure, PDF
September is National Preparedness Month
Tool Tip: Lifting Tool for Carrying Plant Containers
Trampoline brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Walker-related Injuries brochure (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Window and Home Safety Tips

Water Safety
Life Jacket/Water Safety brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Water Safety brochure