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Every year, people in vehicles and on foot are hurt or killed in collisions with trains.

Minnesota Operation Lifesaver, Inc. is part of National Operation Lifesaver, Inc., a private, non-profit educational organization dedicated to ending these collisions, deaths and injuries at highway- rail crossings and on railroad property.

Operation Lifesaver's (OL's) role is public safety education. OL's mission is to teach people how to make safe decisions around tracks and trains. We want drivers and pedestrians to understand the signs and signals and conditions they might encounter. Operation Lifesaver also advises people how to report highway-rail grade crossing equipment malfunctions.

On this site, you'll:
  • learn how drivers and people on foot can stay safe (and test your knowledge with safety quizzes and games) on our Safety Information page (fact sheets available in English, Hmong, Vietnamese and Somali).
  • find out more about Operation Lifesaver's free presentations for schools and other community groups.
And just for kids! Learn about staying safe around railroad crossings and tracks. Go on a safety safari on the Minnesota Operation Lifesaver, Inc. section of the Safe-a-Rooni™ children's site.

Contact Minnesota Operation Lifesaver, Inc.
651-328-3259; mnoperationlifesaver@gmail.com
P.O. Box 22254, Minneapolis, MN 55422
National Operation Lifesaver

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