Back Injury/Lifting/Ergonomics

Back Injury/Lifting/Ergonomics: Background

The back is the part of the body most likely to be affected by a work-related injury. Proper lifting involves positioning; avoiding bending, reaching and twisting; estimating an object's weight and using aids or assistance as needed; factoring in frequency, and more.

Ergonomics is a critical issue that is not going to go away. The most frequent source of workplace injury and illness in Minnesota is the worker's bodily motion or position. Overexertion is the most frequent event leading to workplace injury or illness and the back is the part of the body most commonly affected. Let us help you prevent back injuries and develop an effective ergonomics program through:
  • Consultation and Training: Our consultants can answer your questions and provide onsite assessments, program development assistance, customized employee training and more
  • Training Courses: Train your trainers—and all essential staff—at your place or ours.
  • Training Materials: Video-based training, booklets, posters and more.
  • Video Library: View titles related to back injury